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An Oncology focused consulting firm

Drug development is a high-risk, complex, and resource-intensive endeavor. While your time is critical in navigating asset/s through clinical stages, Oncofocus could be your extended intelligence team in identifying potential competitors, tracking their moves, and analyzing implications of the pivotal events. 

We have years of experience in supporting our clients through strategic projects like asset prioritization, licensing opportunities evaluation, targeted product profile...

Preclinical to Commercialization:
Research support across all stages of drug development


Targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 immunosuppressive axis: ​CAR-T strategies under investigation

PD-(L)1 axis inhibits CAR-T cell activation, proliferation, survival, and functionality. Thus, CAR-T mediated direct targeting of the PD-(L)1 immunosuppressive axis or modulation of the axis along with CAR-T therapy holds a huge promise to unleash the full potential of CAR-Ts.




Chief Medical Officer,
A fast-growing biotech firm 

This is fantastic and as I assumed ! Thank you Ashish. I am so happy for this collaboration.

Anonymous - CEO.jpeg

A new-age Pharma company 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Oncofocus. We have worked with the team on several engagements and will continue to do so moving forward. The delivery is quick, and the quality is excellent.

CEO and MD

Project Director,
A mid-size Pharma company

A very professional clear and concise final report on the assessment of the most appropriate cancer for further investigation of our asset.


A substantial body of literature evidence was generated to support the final selections. A job very thorughly and comprehensively conducted.

Strategic Insights
Competitive Intelligence
Conference Intelligence
Specialty Services
Primary Market Research


Our extensive experience in the Oncology domain, along with our framework-driven analytical approach, enables us to provide actionable insights 

Strategic Insights

We leverage our domain expertise, years of experience, and deep research capability to build strategic solutions that inform your decision-making process and enable you to achieve your strategic objectives quickly.

Asset / Indication Prioritization

Early Asset Evaluation

Licensing Opportunities Evaluation

Strategic Solutions.png
Competitive Intelligence.png

Competitive Intelligence

"...If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose..." - Sun Tzu from Art of War. We help you identify your opponents, diligently track them, and understand emerging competitive threats. 

Competitive Environment Analysis

Competitor Profiling & Threat Assessment

Product / Portfolio Benchmarking

Conference Intelligence

Conferences are ‘THE’ intelligence events when it comes to competitor's clinical/commercial positioning strategy. Our extensive experience in conference intelligence enables you to stay a step ahead of the rest. 

Competitive Landscape Evolution

Competitor Brand Positioning Strategy

Physicians' Evolving Perceptions

Conference Intelligence.png
Specialty Services.png

Specialty Services

Trial registries and publication aggregators are not just repositories. They also ‘speak’ about competitor positioning, emerging research strategies, and opinion leaders. Oncofocus helps you in ‘listening’ to these cues.

KOL Identification & Profiling

Competitor Scientific Positioning 

Novel/Emerging Research Strategies

Primary Market Research

We cater to the primary market research needs of the healthcare domain through decodeMR, our in-house team, which is well-reputed for its strength in the qualitative research arena.

Market Potential Assessment

Brand Perception Studies

Pricing Sensitivity Research


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