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Novus AI is our AI-powered conference coverage platform that keeps you ahead of the game. It is the result of Oncofocus' years of experience in covering a wide range of international conferences and being at the forefront of understanding the needs of biopharma executives.


The Novus AI platform allows us to -

  • Observe real-time shifts in the competitive landscape

  • Learn how newly released data is benchmarked against the approved regimens and data from the key clinical trials

  • Access information on relevant sessions/posters with ease

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Oncofocus In-house Knowledgebase + Generative AI Technology = Accurate & Verified Information
Video Updates

Oncofocus is delighted to announce the release of the explainer video on Novus AI.

Learn how this tool can elevate your conference experience!

Here is the video to showcase the capability of the Novus AI bot to get accurate information.

Experience AI like never before!

Latest Updates

Novus AI by Oncofocus: The One-Stop Solution for Comprehensive Conference Intelligence in Oncology

March 30, 2023

Oncofocus, a management consulting firm, is offering the live demonstration of Novus AI, its conference intelligence platform

May 5, 2023

We will start a live demo of our Novus AI platform in the third week of April.

If you are looking to elevate your conference coverage experience, then please fill the form below:



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