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CGT Watch is more than just a SaaS tool—it's a revolution in biopharma insights. By providing unparalleled access to information on CART regimens, comprehensive clinical landscape exploration, real-time updates, and market trends, CGT Watch empowers biopharma executives to make informed decisions and drive strategic planning.


The platform presently allows biopharma users to -

  • Explore key scientific metrics (target, signalling domain, co-stimulatory domain, vectors, etc) of 1,000+ CAR-T regimens 

  • Learn the clinical development plan like oncology indications under investigation, phase of development, patient type of CAR-T assets  

  • Access key commercial and regulatory developments with ease

As we expand our data coverage to include other types of cell and gene therapies, CGT Watch remains at the forefront of delivering valuable insights and revolutionizing the way executives navigate the transformative world of biopharma. Embrace the power of CGT Watch and revolutionize your biopharma journey today.

CGT Watch Page banner.jpg
CGT Watch is a game-changing SaaS platform designed to revolutionize how executives access information and gain valuable insights about key developments in the field of Cell and Gene therapy.
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