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CAR-T Clinical Landscape Report​

ASCO 2019 Pre-conference Read

A lot has happened in the CAR-T field in the past 10 months since our last conference report on this technology. These include high-impact news such as EMA approval and NICE recommendations for Kymriah and Yescarta.

As the ASCO 2019 Annual Meeting is less than a month away, we are publishing an updated CAR-T clinical landscape report. This year, in addition to updating the industry-funded CAR-T pipeline, we have included non-industry-funded CAR-Ts, as well. We believe this addition will give you a better picture of the current CAR-T clinical landscape. To keep the scope manageable, we have limited our research to only those CAR-Ts that are conducted in the US and/or EU location(s).

We hope this report will help you get up to speed before the upcoming ASCO 2019 Annual Meeting.

Research Boundary and Caveats

57 CAR-Ts are under investigation by 27 companies*

*​Only results from Industry-funded trials are presented here

In total, there are 22 CAR-Ts under clinical development for Solid cancers*

*​Only results from Industry-funded trials are presented here

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  2. Write to us at to receive the full report.


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